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I love all my brides. But I have to be honest and say that I reeeeeally love Cori.
From the first time we met, we instantly clicked. She also totally knew I was preggo because she’s a nurse practitioner, before I had even told anyone but my family.

When we met for the first time she had this infectious way about her that you just wanted to be around her. That smile is no joke, wait until you see the picture of her coming down the aisle. She talked more about her love for Chris than the details of her wedding which instantly made me know we were the perfect match for each other.

Because a wedding is really more about the two people than those little details.

With that being said though, there were a lot of really beautiful and special touches to their big day. It was pie day, so there was obviously pie. And her color scheme (navy and coral) has to be one of my favorites. Cori was also constantly asking me if I needed anything which blew me away with her kindness.

It was such an honor to get to know these two and capture their big day.

Congratulations Cori and Chris, I can’t thank you enough for letting me be a part of your wedding day!

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Katie and Randall are two of the sweetest people I’ve been around. They also brought their dog to the shoot which is always a super bonus in my mind.

I can’t wait for their wedding this weekend and know it’s going to be beautiful and so full of love. Just look at the way these two are!



Melbourne, Florida Wedding Photographer

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From the moment Cori and I met, I knew we’d instantly click.
We met at Starbucks and ended up staying an hour chatting everything about her beautiful up coming wedding, to babies (I may have spilled the beans to her early!), to college football. Needless to say, she’s already my fav.

We met up in the beautiful town of Winter Park. Which is by far my favorite little town in Orlando, there’s so much history there, and the scenery is drool worthy.

Cori and Chris were so great in front of the camera. I kept asking if they had practiced before hand because they just jelled with each other. It makes my heart so happy when I just get to hang out with couples and direct them at a minimum, which is exactly what happened with these two.

Enjoy these sweet photos!
I can’t wait to be a part of their big day!

MeganElizabethPhotography-2MeganElizabethPhotography-3MeganElizabethPhotography-4MeganElizabethPhotography-5MeganElizabethPhotography-6MeganElizabethPhotography-7MeganElizabethPhotography-8MeganElizabethPhotography-9MeganElizabethPhotography-10MeganElizabethPhotographyOrlando, Florida Wedding Photographer

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I don’t think everyone is ready for the serious cuteness of these photos. I met Karine through a future bride (hi, I love referrals) and was so excited when she set up a session. This time of year can be so crazy busy for everyone, so it’s so nice when I get to just have a family be with each other for an hour or two. Which is exactly what we did for this session.

Thank you so much Karine for letting me capture these sweet memories for you!


Orlando, Florida Portrait Photographer

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I know I say this a lot, but. I just don’t know where to start with this wedding. Jessica and Chad has such a beautiful wedding that was seriously filled with nothing but love. And it was the biggest honor to be a part of it.

It started the day before with their bride and groom portraits, which was so not the norm…but I loved it. It was so sweet seeing them see each other for the first time in their wedding attire without the rush of the actual wedding day. Jessica’s dress was stunning. The all lace was a dream. And Chad looked so handsome.

One of my favorite pars of weddings is seeing parents of the bride and groom. Each moment of the day is so important and I always check for mom and dad. This wedding was no different. Specifically, the mother of the bride. Some of the photos I got of her looking at her baby girl get married will make anyone form tears. It was so beautiful. She kept saying how happy she was, which was so visible. And then there was the father daughter dance. Which always makes me tear up, but these two. It was so, so beyond sweet.

Jessica did so many DIY things for this wedding, and I’m starting to think that she should open up a business. The little details that were handmade were so beautiful and made the wedding “them”. I love when you can look at a wedding and just see the couple, their personalities and the little things that make them, them as a couple.

I’ve been so blessed to be a part of this family. I took Jessica’s brothers engagement, wedding, and recently their maternity pictures. And now to be able to do the same for Jessica is why I do what I do.

Jessica and Chad: thank you so much for letting me be a part of your wedding day. It was everything wonderful. 




Orlando, Florida Wedding Photographer

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  • December 8, 2014 - 10:52 pm

    Annie - I love her dress! The photos where he’s blindfolded and she’s pointing and making faces crack me up. I love these photos, Meg; you did a fantastic job!ReplyCancel

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again.

I love family sessions.

Especially with families that I’ve been photographing for a couple years.
The Rick family is one of them.
I think the first time I photographed their family was for their Christmas card three years ago. And then I got to do their sweet new baby Ezra’s new born pictures, and now another family session.

Can I just tell you it’s the greatest joy to get to capture this growing family?

Silas (the older brother) and Ezra are just too much. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much during a session, or after while editing it. Their faces couldn’t be more “them”. Silas is at that great “cheeeeese” face stage. One of my favorites. And Ezra. Well just wait till you see him.

Brooke and Anthony are youth pastors at the church we attended while we lived in Melbourne, and they are nothing short of amazing. They do the incredible things with youth and teens. I am so overly blessed by them.

Such a huge thank you to them for letting me be part of the fam 🙂


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  • November 19, 2014 - 11:24 am

    brooke - i loooooovveee them!!! thank you for capturing our family!ReplyCancel

Fall is here! Ok, so maybe if you’re like me living in the Sunshine State, fall is that short two weeks of the year when the breeze feels cool but it’s still 80 degrees outside. Nonetheless. It’s fall and I love it.

The older I get, the more I love fall. I think because Christmas is next (holy cow), I always wanted to bypass fall. Who needs pumpkin spiced lattes when the peppermint mocha ones are right around the corner.
But I’ve really started to love fall. Maybe it’s because I’m married and I get to buy all the pumpkin spiced candles I want (which, helpful hint. Target and Walmart have the best smelling ones), or maybe it’s because I get to dress Duke up as what ever I want. Last year he was Elvis. We’ve got a lot to live up to this year.

And maybe. It’s because of family sessions. I seriously love family sessions.
The fact that for an hour, it’s just a family, no distractions. Just families.
The fact that these photos usually end up on a Christmas card, (which I can’t recommend Tiny Prints and Shutterfly enough).
Or the fact that I get to hang out with some really cute kids.

I get asked a lot when it comes to family sessions about what to wear, where to have them, and all that jazz so I decided to do a blog post of some helpful tips and suggestions!


Tips For Family Fall Photos

#1. Pick outfits that coordinate, but don’t match.
Long gone are the days of white shirts and jeans for family pictures. When choosing outfits for your family, pick a color and try to weave it throughout some outfits. Maybe it’s green or red for the holidays, or maybe it’s orange and brown for fall (or if you’re a Browns fan). Whatever it is, try to keep it simple. Mom might wear a blue scarf, and dad might have on a blue shirt. Accessories are always the best way to get some color in there! Don’t go over board with colors. And when in doubt, neutrals are always a really great option.

Megan Elizabeth Photography

#2. The time of day really matters.
The best time of day for family photos is 2 hours before sunset. We call it the “Magic Hour”, because generally there’s this beautiful glow happening that we get to capture in our camera. Because photographers totally understand that this is the craziest and busiest part of people’s year, if you can’t make that time frame, make sure to pick a location that’s really shaded so no one is squinting.

#3. Be prepared.
Sometimes…tiny humans are not in the mood to have their picture taken. Be prepared for that. Candy always seems to do the trick, or a reward for after the photos are taken, maybe an ice cream trip. I’ve had a family bring books for kids to read while I shoot some pictures of mom and dad, or the all powerful: iPad.

#4. Plan ahead.
Like I mentioned before, most of the family photos I do in the fall are for Christmas cards. It’s important to plan ahead on which cards you’ll be using. Tiny Prints shine at this part. The options are almost endless, but there’s also the ability to search for exactly what you’re looking for. I say plan ahead because looking up the card you’ll want to use before hand may save you some time if you’re in a holiday crunch after the session. Remember, turn around times for most photographers range from 2-6 weeks.

#5. Think outside of the box.
Bring props. Have your session at a pumpkin patch. Do something you haven’t seen done before. Beach sessions tend to be very popular with me around the holidays (maybe we’re rubbing it in that we live on the beach), so instead of just going to the beach, why not bring some balloons? Or wrapped boxes for the kids to sit on. With pinterest now, the options are endless.

Below are some examples are really great family sessions I’ve done.

Gosh. That last one is a cute family. 😉

As a super special offer, I’m opening up a very limited number of family sessions for a very discounted price of $150. 
If you’re interested in booking a session, please email me: or fill out the contact form at the top of my website.

I hope you gained a couple helpful tips! Happy fall, friends! And book those sessions quick!

Melbourne, Florida Portrait Photographer
Orlando, Florida Portrait Photographer


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I have to start with a big high five to the Lord on this one.
It had poured all day…and all week in fact. Heather and I went back and forth changing locations and trying to figure out a great plan b because it was inevitably going to rain the day of this shoot. Which is did. Rained, and rained. And rained.

I prayed every.Single.Day for this shoot.
And ya’ll the Lord provided.
Which He always does, but that’s for another time.

This shoot was a dream. And Rollins College has become my favorite area in Orlando to shoot at.
Heather and Grant are beyond photogenic, and just fit together. They were so sweet about the rain, and understanding.
Being around them just made me smile. You can tell they are really, really in love with each other. And they also brought their dog Reagan. Who, is just too cute. Heather is stunning, and the way Grant looks at her will make you melt. Also, the outfits they picked. Hello, Vogue.

I can not wait for your wedding next year Heather and Grant! Thank you for letting me be a part of it!

Rollins College Engagement

Rollins College EngagementRollins College EngagementRollins College EngagementRollins College EngagementRollins College EngagementRollins College EngagementRollins College EngagementRollins College EngagementRollins College EngagementRollins College EngagementRollins College EngagementMeganElizabethPhotography-27MeganElizabethPhotography-29MeganElizabethPhotography-28Rollins College EngagementMeganElizabethPhotography-32MeganElizabethPhotography-35MeganElizabethPhotography-36MeganElizabethPhotography-34

Orlando, Florida Wedding Photographer
Rollins College, Orlando Wedding Photographer

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